New Rubber Donuts

Mileage: 4202KM

Last Friday, I received a call from Blue Box Glenmarie. The SA informed me that one of my five warranty claims has approved which is the wobbly and harden tires. The sad news was… I’ve to come on Sunday at 10AM to replace all the donuts. I even called them twice to make sure weather it is Saturday or Sunday. Continue reading “New Rubber Donuts”

Arghhhh Gaps…

Mileage: 3072KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

Actually, it does not matter much to me when I noticed about it but after comparing with other 206 Bestari, seems that my front grill have huge gaps on both side of it. Duh… what a %^&* about the CKD quality.

The gap on passenger side (LH) Continue reading “Arghhhh Gaps…”