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Mileage: 6770KM

Today, I went to my hometown as usual on weekends, not every weekends… at least once a month. The only difference for today was I’m driving my Pug, considered today is the first time I’m bringing my lion back to my hometown.

“Ehhh…. you’re driving a Peugeot?” the first question from my father.
“Some sort” I replied.
“Here, keep this…” my father gave me a blue box. Looks familiar to me….

Here is it… wonder what is inside the box?


Gold painted front grill emblem

I still did not believe that my father still keeping the emblem. If I’m not mistaken, the emblem was bought in 1985 when my father owned a Peugeot 505GTI, the last model of the 5 series. Quite a looker during that era.

So… our trend of changing the emblem actually was started a long time ago. The only difference… there is no Naza. Hahahaha

Another image of the box, showing the part details

Now… where shall I put this on my car???

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