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I would like to inform that http://bug206.blogspot.com is on maintenance mode from today onwards. There will be no more updates from me here.

This is solely due to some constrains that I’m having with blogspot content system which limit my thirst for a better web development and maintenance.

Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Rest assured, I’ve successfully migrated all the contents into my new Content Management System website.

Future updates will be available @ http://www.bug206.com

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50K Service

Mileage: 49,318KM

As usual, GeotAuto was the service centre for this 50K maintenance interval. Nothing much has been done to my car from the last service to be shared here the experience (no DIY for the past couple of months).

It was done one day before this year Chinese New Year. I reached the service centre at around 8:30AM. I was there a day before but the queue was long, I’ve to leave it for almost 4 hours if I want to do it that day.

Mileage registered; short of 600KM

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