100K Service

Mileage: 97,878KM

100K service is due and I decided from now on to do the service at non-authorized service centre. This is a quick service and I have visited the same workshop twice. The service was done on the second visit and the first visit was to fix my engine mounting issue. No pictures for the first visit but I attached the bill here for reference.


Another 2,122KM to 100KAnother 2,122KM to 100K

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Map Reading Light

Mileage: 96,743KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

The cabin interior light for Bestari…. I would say is out of proportion in term of the surface area vs the light itself. Something is missing here, I wish I could fill it with…. By looking at some other 206 models, there are few variations and one model did attract my attention. The one that is the standard fixture of 206 GTI180. It has map reading light!



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