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Yokohama AD08 + Koni Yellow Sport

Mileage: 185,151KM

Well, this will be the second round of absorbers and wheels combo replacement for my Pug. The first round was the combination of Eibach Sport Kit with Michelin Pilot Sport 3… and with Bridgestone Potenza Re003 midway due to excessive wear on the front pair. Wheels rotation has been completed and it’s due for a complete replacement.

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Two Tones; Twin Horn {Revisited}

Mileage: 177,778KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate

Well, my puggy trombe {english = trumpets | automotive = horns} kaput since… I can’t remember exactly. The single horn is an unpleasant experience to me ears. I can’t pinpoint exactly which one is the issue but alas, will change both. Can refer to this link for my horn upgrade done in July, 2013.


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