Front Door

Door Panel, Revisited…

Mileage: 52,179KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Monsoon season is here this year. Heavy downpour on everyday. Although Pug can withstand winter season but it does not immune to rain. Been driving couple of weeks in the rain, water started to rest in the foot well inside the car on all places.

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Accident Free… Naaaah!!!

Mileage: 15,315KM
Do It Yourself: Nope
Difficulty: N/A

“Accident Free”, we always heard this term when dealing with used car. Actually, the full terms on the paper would be “Low Mileage, Service By Authorized Service Centre, Accident Free, Original Paint, Lady Owner etc.”. I always encountered these words in all used car dealers, seem they have the same template for the windscreen notice. Continue reading

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