Rear Door

Door Panel, Revisited…

Mileage: 52,179KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Monsoon season is here this year. Heavy downpour on everyday. Although Pug can withstand winter season but it does not immune to rain. Been driving couple of weeks in the rain, water started to rest in the foot well inside the car on all places.

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eBay #02

Mileage: 2060KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

eBay No: 02
Ordered: April 05, 2009
Parcel Source: UK
Delivered: April 15, 2009
Cost: 8.40 Pound Sterling

In my last post, I did mentioned about the missing clips that I found out during dismantling the door panel. Tired of waiting spare part shop for their stock status, I surfed eBay to get the part. Delivered to my doorstep after 10 days.

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Dismantling The Rear Door Panel

Mileage: 1230KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Another DIY session. Actually, my mission is to find out how is the rear speaker assembly and to find the source of knocking sound emitted when traveling along uneven road.

Tools needed:

  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Torx T20 driver

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