Trip Meter

Mileage: 111,611KM

Finally, I managed to display trip reading on the MFD. I chose to modify my existing COMM2000 instead of replacing it with another unit. However, I need to find another unit of COMM2000 because I need the trip button from it. Fortunately, my friend willing to part away his unused and busted COMM2000 for me to continue this experiment.


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Two Tones; Twin Horn

Mileage: 98,611KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate

Another part from 206 GTI180 parts bin. I dislike the standard horn fitting, it sounded… well, not to my liking. It’s a single tone anyway and the throw is not directive enough to warn intended person to notice my location. Being a “Low Trim” option, there must be something from the premium specification that can replace it, hence the 206 GTI180 twin horn.


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Map Reading Light

Mileage: 96,743KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

The cabin interior light for Bestari…. I would say is out of proportion in term of the surface area vs the light itself. Something is missing here, I wish I could fill it with…. By looking at some other 206 models, there are few variations and one model did attract my attention. The one that is the standard fixture of 206 GTI180. It has map reading light!



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Glovebox Light

Mileage: 88,855KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Due to unforeseen reasons, I begin to KIV some of the currently running upgrade projects and start looking into the “To Do” list again. The reason being is just to find if by any chance, I skipped any planned upgrades before. “Glovebox Lighting”…. it has been shelved for quite a long time…. time to revive the idea.


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