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Yokohama AD08 + Koni Yellow Sport

Mileage: 185,151KM

Well, this will be the second round of absorbers and wheels combo replacement for my Pug. The first round was the combination of Eibach Sport Kit with Michelin Pilot Sport 3… and with Bridgestone Potenza Re003 midway due to excessive wear on the front pair. Wheels rotation has been completed and it’s due for a complete replacement.

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170K Service

Mileage: 169,611KM

Another routine service for the engine but out of preventive maintenance schedule for the AL4 (gearbox). For the past few weeks, I had  random limp modes on the gearbox. At most, 5 – 6 times in a single trip. Means, 5 – 6 times, I have to restart the car to clear off the limp mode temporarily.



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