Exterior Lamps

Wet Tail

Mileage: 14,915KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Good day, a nice weather today for a DIY (I’m living in apartment, rain is the worst enemy when I need to do something with my cars).

Early this week, it was rainy and windy here in my area. I’ve been driving my other car for a quite sometime and when I had a chance to check my Pug, here is what I found… Continue reading

"The Fog"…

Mileage: 1340KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

The Fog, anyone seen this movie? I missed the screening, attached with other commitments for the whole month thus miss the showtime. 🙁

Today I’ve done something about it, not the movie but the front fog lights. It is not because I have problem with it but the color emitted from the fog lights beam is not to my liking. I rarely (Haji Bakhil cakap… “kadang-kadang”) use fog lights and when I flick the switch I wanted something different and to be remembered instead of helping the main headlights with wider front light coverage. Another point, just to match with my other car. I use my fog lights mainly…

Continue reading

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