Front Bumper

Fell Off or Stolen?

Mileage: 69,296KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

I could not believe what has happened to my lion. In the morning, it was there. Reached home and it was gone. Either it fell off from the bumper (it was a heavy downpour during that day) or somebody stole it (I’m more incline towards the latter).

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Bumper Scars…

Mileage: 22,815KM

Last weekend, parked my car after done weekly grocerry shopping. Then I noticed something which is not look so good to my eyes. How did the scars end up there, at my front bumper?

The whole night I’ve been thinking about it, I did not bump to anyone nor hit any pillars (not again!) or curbs. I did not even feel any knocking vibrations through out the whole journey… Continue reading

Arghhhh Gaps…

Mileage: 3072KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

Actually, it does not matter much to me when I noticed about it but after comparing with other 206 Bestari, seems that my front grill have huge gaps on both side of it. Duh… what a %^&* about the CKD quality.

The gap on passenger side (LH) Continue reading

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