Behind The Glovebox

Look what I’ve found after dismantling the glove box.

  1. Red circle – Car wiring and VAN Bus from engine section. There is a small covered hole from engine bay beneath it but from inside it was sealed off with the sound insulator. Good for audio amplifier power cable.
  2. Blue circle – Wiring to the door through the door A pillar.
  3. Green circle – Front boot catch lever.

  1. Exactly behind the glove box, the brake master pump and brake switch. There is a bar running across the bulkhead which connect to brake pedal.

  1. A bit blurry here, Centre part of the dashboard (view from glove box opening), top part with stickers is the aircond / heater blower.
  2. Two pipes from bulkhead to the bottom part is the heater pipe.

  1. Cable looms running underneath passenger footwell carpet and ends at the rear of the car.
  2. Time does not permit me to dismantle the passenger airbag (too many crowd (actually my neighbors) buzzing around). Anyway, from what I can see, the airbag is secured with 4 nuts (8mm) and 4 torx T20 screws. You need to have a patient and a good body flex to be able to undo everything.
  3. There is no cable for glove box light. I’ve been searching through all the cable looms and found none. Whoever found it please inform me. So… if anyone wanted a light inside the glove box, feel free to use advise from other forum / blogspot by using cabinet light (push type). Other option is using cigarette light power, but the issue is, the light will forever switch on until you switch off the car lights. Not good since we can’t see the light when the glove box is close and the light might melt. Unless adding in a push type switch and fix it somewhere at glove box lid.


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