Dismantling The Centre Console

Mileage: 740KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

Now, since I’m involving too much (very excited, 206 is much simpler than my another car which requires to remove both front doors before removing dashboard) in dismantling glove box as earlier post. Another reason is, my neighbors already started to disperse after having chats with them; politics, cars, banks, investment etc. Emm, why not continue to centre console.

Wow, it almost 11AM at this time. Started at 9:15AM. Can feel the sun burning my skin. Luckily, just sent the car for windows tint yesterday.

  1. This is the most easy part. Just pull it outward. The top part is secured by two clips and a simple latches.

  1. Just disconnect the Central Door Lock and Hazard Light buttons connector and off it goes. To the rear seat.

  1. Now we need to pull the head unit (aka radio). The head unit is secured by latches on both sides. I just use Torx 10 and 15 to pull it out, any other tools that can be used are coat hanger, small screwdrivers etc.
  2. Notice the warning sticker slapped by the tint installer.

  1. Disconnect all the connectors and also antenna (not shown in the picture, well you can’t miss it).
  2. The black connector is for power, ground, VAN Bus communications etc.
  3. The white connector is for speakers.
  4. The unused connector pins are for CD changer (IMHO).

  1. The red circle is unknown connector, not sure the function.

  1. Anyone wanted to know who is the manufacturer of our head unit and which country it came from? Just see above pictures.
  2. My head unit is an old stock March 2007 (argghhhhhh).
  3. It is Siemens VDO PSARCD100, a VIN coded unit. Note: from unconfirmed sources, this unit sometime referred as Philips (not sure about this, try google) and it is a compatible unit with Clarion PU-24XX series.

Clarion PU-247xx Head Unit

Siemens VDO PSARCD100 Head Unit

  1. The difference between Siemens VDO and Clarion unit is more on aesthetically, Clarion unit will have Clarion and Compact Disc Digital logos on left and right top most of the head unit respectively. Moreover, the RDS & TA buttons and Eject button on the different side on both units. Both units are for multiplexed system.

  1. Now, unscrew both torx screws (Torx 20) – red circle.
  2. The green cricle is the Multifunction Display (MFD).

  1. After removing both top screws, just pull it off gently, there are 4 clips that secure the centre fascia.
  2. I will lay it with chrome paint…. ahahhahahahhaha (just joking, too much blink-blink)

  1. This how it’s look without the centre fascia. The two holes in the middle are the aircond ducting.
  2. The two red circle is the screws that hold the MFD. Unscrew both and pull the MFD towards you.

  1. Swing the clip to the right and pull out the connector.
  2. Warning: If you disconnect the connector, the MFD will reset all the settings (language, clock, date and temperature setting).

  1. Information about the MFD.

  1. Aircond controller, only 4 torx 20 screws. This is a manual version of aircond / heater system. The only knob or button which has electric connection are the blower speed knob, aircond and heater button. The rest are all cables.
  2. If anyone notice at the passenger airbag, the airbag decal / wording has an opening beside it which is actually nothing.

  1. To remove the gear surrounding, use any flat tool and pull it out gently. Ashtry is easier, just pull it out.
  2. As seen above, under the ashtry is the airbag / pretensioner module made by Autoliv. Nothing interesting under the gear lever.

  1. If I’m not mistaken, in 206 car manual, it says you can’t move the gear from P if the battery is dead. How to solve it… simple, just put your hand inside the ashtry opening and pull a pin under the blue connector. Viola, the gear moves.

  1. Front power windows area, nothing much except cables for power windows and cigarette lighter.
  2. There is no cable for ashtry light. Been searching for it, so far can’t find any. Will continue searching and update this page when I have couple of hours more to waste to dismantle the lower part of centre console.
  3. When assemble back the head unit. It still retain the memory settings.

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  1. 206 Bestari does not come with CD Changer. Are you referring the slot at the head unit? If it is not working, then you can send for warranty.

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