How to Remove The Glovebox…

Mileage: 740KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

Just to kill couple of weekend morning hours. Tools needed to do this task…

  1. Torx T20
  2. Flat screwdriver
  3. Spanner / wrench / ratchet 13mm (optional)

Sorry about the picture quality, captured using handphone.

Dashboard Bar

  1. Remove side cover (this is optional, just wanted to show how the dashboard attached to the bulkhead).
  2. To pry off, use flat screwdriver (recommended to use non-metal flat tools or wrap the screwdriver with a piece of cloth to prevent scratches). Run the screwdriver along the edge.

  1. The two screws (red circles – 13mm screws) are the only thing that hold the dashboard bar to the bulkhead. You will see the same thing on the other side of the dashboard. Other than these there are one at the bottom near the ashtry, top of the centre console behind the MFD and two screws behind the head unit (Radio), it hold the bar to the aircond casing (more pictures on this area later as I’m not venturing to that area yet).
  2. No need to remove glove box if you wanted to dismantle the dashboard but you need to remove the centre console (MFD, head unit and aircond controller), lower part centre console, instrument cluster and its cowling, the steering wheel and airbag and finally, COM2000 (stalks unit) and its cowling. Make sure to take note on the wiring when pull out the whole dashboard assembly.


  1. Open the glove box (pardon me on the contents), there are 7 screws that hold the glove box.
  2. We need to detach the glove box lid. This is the hardest part of all. Took me almost 30 minutes to figure out this step. There are two screws hidden by the glove box lid hinges. Note: It looks like it won’t come off from the dashboard, need a little bit of force to move it out of the hinges.

  1. After detaching the glove box lid, need to unhook the glove box restrainer from the dashboard (red circle).

  1. Next we need to remove the dashboard undercover.
  2. There are one screw (plastic) and 3 push clips that hold the cover.

  1. There are seven screws as mentioned earlier. Use torx T20 to unscrew all.
  2. The locations are at top, side, bottom (lid hinges) and one inside the glove box, at the top part where we put our car manual.

  1. The bottom screws come together with the hinge spring. After unscrew both screws, pull out a bar behind it. Do not lose any metal clip on the bar as it is use to hold the hinge screws. This bar is to hold the undercover tray we had dismantled earlier on.

  1. Finally, remove the glove box. Need a bit of twist and turn here.
  2. To fix, just do the above guide in reverse. It is a bit hard to fix back the glove box since the car electronic cable is running above it, just align the cable properly.


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  1. Thanks for the post.
    One of my lid hinge screws came out from bar behind it, making the removal of the lid difficult because I couldn’t unclip the lid from one of the hinges.
    I’m the end I used force to pull the lid out.

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