On March 23rd, 2009, 12:30PM, took the delivery of my Pug. Quartz Blue with 22KM on the odometer. Sorry no pictures about it and since I’ve been traveled around 720KM (as today post) the joy of new car soon fading out. I will just continue from today onwards.

Day one 1:00PM, went to Volcare Ampang to lodge warranty claim for my rear rubber strip (at the bumper), the wax came off. Notified by my SA.

Day one 2:30PM, I’ve been to NZ Galaxy to fix rear head rests, door sill plates. They owe me exhaust tail pipe, hood insulator and rear spoiler.

Day one 5:45PM, met Black Dolphin at Old Klang Road after a quick appointment setup (Pug owner and active member in Pug forums and blogs, if he still remember me). Got the emblems, need it urgently. All of my sources (sparepart shops) out of stock.

Day two until day six, use as daily official car to transport my son to nursery, my wife to KL and myself to Subang. That is why I reach 7++ KM in a week. Just wanted to reach 2000 KM ASAP so I can do first inspection with another warranty claim. Yummy.

Day six 6:00PM, tinted all the glasses.

That all about the life of my lion in the past week. Anyway, I’m creating this blog solely for posting any technical issues with my ride, upgrades and simple DIY guides. I might update this blog as time permits and when I have something to do on particular area on the car but I’m open to anyone who wanted to know more on how to do it even I’m not cover it in the blog yet. Send me a request and I’ll try to make a guide on it and weather the task is suitable to do at home garage (DIY) or requires a visit to a well equipped workshop.

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