Under The Steering Wheel

Mileage: 740KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Let see… what we have here inside fuse box compartment.

  1. Remove the cover using 10 cent coin. Pull it a bit, and you can see as above.
  2. Left red circle – black connector is the VAN Bus (Multiplex / MUX) cable.
  3. Right red circle – the BSI (Built-in System Information or Body System Interface or whatever they call it) unit and fuses.

  1. Diagnostic connector.

  1. Cable looms running underneath driver foot well. These looms only end at door B pillar.


2 thoughts on “Under The Steering Wheel”

    1. It is either the key fob battery or you need to hook up to the diagnostic machine to read the fault detail.

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