Dismantling The Gear & Handbrake Console

Mileage: 1230KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

My quest to find ashtray light still on. This weekend, I spent another couple of hours to continue dismantle the console, particularly on the area which I left behind in the previous post.

Tools needed:

  • Torx T20 driver
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Wrench or spanner 13mm and 10mm


  1. We need to remove the rear power window controller. There are two ways to remove this component. First, use a flat blade screwdriver and pry along the edge of the controller but I reckon the second approach by removing it from the inside. Using the first approach, you need a steady hand and if you’re not careful enough, you will end up with scratches.
  2. Just pull out the empty holder beside the handbrake lever. Press the power window controller clips from the inside of the opening and slowly push the whole controller out.

  1. Next, using the flat blade screwdriver. Open the console cover. Undo the screw using T20 driver. That is the only screw that secure the handbrake console.
  2. To remove the console, just pull it towards the rear and up. The console is secured by a screw and latches / clips.

  1. There are three nuts that secured the handbrake lever. We need to undo these nuts to make it easier to remove the gear console. Undo using 13mm wrench.
  2. There is an unused connector here. IMHO, it must be for the seat heater or alarm button function which is only available on certain market or country.

  1. Remove the front power window controller by using the so called famous method. Unplug the connector.
  2. To unplug cigarette lighter connector. You need a very sharp eye to find the locking clip at the connector. If you facing the dashboard, the clip is on the right side. You have to access it from the power window controller opening. If you can’t, you can unplug it later when you remove the whole console.
  3. There is 10mm nut underneath the power window controller. Unscrew this nut to unsecured the rear section of the console.

  1. Remove the cover plate with any flat tool. Unscrew both T20 screws.
  2. Remove the gear console by pulling it towards the rear and up. Pay particular attention to both sides of front section. The front section sides are clipped to lower part of the dashboard.
  3. It is easier if the gear lever is in “N” position.

  1. The view after removing both consoles. Note: the handbrake lever position.

  1. The gear lever section. The grey connector is for “Sport” and “Winter” mode buttons.
  2. The wiring on the left side of the gear lever is for the tiptronic function.
  3. The chrome gear lever face plate is made of plastic.

  1. In my previous post, I did mention about moving the gear out of “P” position without pressing the brake pedal or when battery dead. The locking pin is shown above in red circle.

  1. Some 206 model do have extra footwell aircond ducting. To have this feature, just remove the ducting cover as shown above (red circle), but you need a different gear console as the one came with our model does not equipped with the extra ducting.

  1. Red circle shows the 13mm screw that secured the dashboard bar to the car chassis. Two screws above it is for adjustments.
  2. Finally, I can conclude that there is no ashtray light connector. Well I found out too many unused connectors which I do not have any idea what it is for unless I have the complete wiring diagram but that also depends on which model / production year as the wiring is keep on revising (Preplex / Multiplex, model type etc.).
  3. To fix back, just reverse the order from this guide. For handbrake lever, it is a bit tricky, you may need to release off the handbrake cable tension by adjusting the adjustment nut.


2 thoughts on “Dismantling The Gear & Handbrake Console”

  1. Some 206 do come with ashtray light but I’m not sure which model or year. Anyway, from the url you gave me, the cable is using yellow connector with the bulb attached to it. When I opened the centre console, I could not find the cable with yellow connector and there is no extra cable at that area also. So, I believe that our 206b do not come with the same wiring harness. Anyway, when I do it again, I will try looking under the carpet but it requires removal of both front seats to make an easy access to the wiring. Thanks anyway.

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