Door Sill Protection Cover

Mileage: 2062KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy but time consuming

Every time I open my door, this is the “thing” that will greet me first. This door sill cover is not a genuine Peugeot product and the part that is always irritating me is the rubber surround which sometimes loose from the sill (as shown in the image below). Other than that, it is the same material and quality as my Kancil door sill cover which I bought from Brothers with quarter of the price.

Got it from NZ Galaxy, it is love and hate relationship. Love it coz it will protect the sill but hate it because of the originality, quality and the blink-blink

Now, I need to get rid of those things but I kept wondering what will be the best substitute. I need something that is made from rubber or PVC or at least is same with my other car door sill cover.

Black color, PVC door sill protection cover installed in my Renault Laguna. Looks simple but effective. Been there for almost 15 years now

Fired up browser to search anything similar but sadly none of the eBay sellers willing to ship it to Malaysia. Finally, after spending hours in the virtual world, found what I’ve been looking for and close the deal. The seller is not an eBay member.

Online purchase…
Ordered: April 07, 2009
Parcel Source: UK
Delivered: April 16, 2009
Cost: 28.99 Pound Sterling

Image of the parcel

Black PVC door sill cover for Pug206, complete with instruction manual and tool

After removing the stainless steel door sill cover

  1. This step is optional unless you have the old door sill cover to remove.
  2. Tools needed for this task are… a) Plastic razor blade (as shown above, do not use the given tool from the door sill package); b) The good old WD-40; c) Plain water (a lots of it) d) Piece of cloth.
  3. After removing the door sill cover (it is faster if using a knife, just make a gap and pull the sills), which is an easy job, we will see adhesive residue left by the 3M double sided tape. This is the most time consuming job to remove it from all four doors.
  4. Just spray the WD-40 and let it soak for couple of minute. Better if rub it with your finger to force the lube to penetrate the tape.
  5. Using the plastic razor blade, just scrap the tape off the body. This will take longer if the lube (WD-40) dries up, if happen, just spray it again.
  6. After all the residue removed from the door, wash it using plain water and wipe the excess with a cloth.
  7. I spent around 20 – 30 minutes for each door. Note: I’m not responsible for any body or paint scratches; and sore thumb and fingers resulting from this exercise. You’ve been warned.

This is how it looks after done the cleaning task

  1. After the cleaning task completed (give yourself a pat for completing the time consuming and hard job), make sure the area is clean and no longer have any adhesive residue.
  2. Small scratches is ok since you gonna cover it all anyway 😛
  3. Just follow the instruction manual and you will done it faster than removing it from the door. Just make sure there are no bubbles trap inside.
  4. You need to pull out the door rubber seal a bit to make the job easier.
  5. If you encounter any bubbles forming up under the door sill cover, just find a small pin. Punch the bubbles and use the given tool to remove the air.
  6. Sorry no images coz it was too fun doing it. Forgot to snap.

The rear door

The front door

That is all, good luck guys if you ever wanted to install the door sill protection cover.

Anyone wanted my service for doing this…. do not worry, I won’t charge a single hard cold cash. Just select any of these two packages.. hahahhaha

  • Package A – Installation of the door sill protection cover – Cost: Just buy me drinks (no alcohol)
  • Package B – Installation of the door sill protection cover inclusive removing the old cover – Cost: Need a breakfast or lunch first in advance then drinks for the balance (when job completes)

Please arrange an appointment with my PA, Miss CBox.


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