eBay #01

Mileage: 1680KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

eBay No: 01
Ordered: April 04, 2009
Parcel Source: Taiwan
Delivered: April 11, 2009
Cost: 14.50 Pound Sterling

My first e-Bay item related to 206. Delivered to me after 7 days.

Had to mask a few information 🙂 Kajang is my hometown and I’m away from home during the day so need to send the parcel to my hometown. My parents received it on behalf.


Here it is. This is not a genuine key fob. An OEM but much better than Naza key fob.

This is how the look inside the key fob.

  1. The red circle is the most important thing. It is the immobilizer chip, without it, you cannot start the car.
  2. The chip need to be transferred to the new key fob along with the central lock controller (picture on the right).
  3. After transferred everything, clamp both part. Insert the key blade and screw the key fob.

That’s all folks. I’m still waiting for other e-Bay items. Will update the blog later on it.

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