eBay #02

Mileage: 2060KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

eBay No: 02
Ordered: April 05, 2009
Parcel Source: UK
Delivered: April 15, 2009
Cost: 8.40 Pound Sterling

In my last post, I did mentioned about the missing clips that I found out during dismantling the door panel. Tired of waiting spare part shop for their stock status, I surfed eBay to get the part. Delivered to my doorstep after 10 days.

The front view of the parcel

The back view of the parcel

Here it is, the door moulding clips (20 units)

As usual, use a flat tool to pull out the clips. It is a bit hard for the first time. Once you have the idea, it’s like walking in the park

  1. I need to remove all the door moulding since I have no idea on how many clips were missing.
  2. No need to use any special tool to remove it, just a proper technique.
  3. All door moulding have locking clip attached to it which is situated at the B pillar area.
  4. For the front door moulding, you need to push it backward to release the locking clip. Note: the clip is easy to break, push it carefully and just enough to have clearance to release it from the door. I broke one of the clip, fixed it using double sided tape. The rest I used super glue just to be on the safe side. This is the best way unless you want to replace the whole door moulding.
  5. Then push the door moulding forward until it breakaway from all the clip.
  6. For the rear doors, the order is reverse. Push forward first to release the locking clip and then backward.

View of the doors after removing the door mouldings and the clips. The round holes are for the clips and the rectangular holes are for the locking clips

  1. I’ve found out on each front door moulding, two clips were missing.
  2. For each rear door moulding, one clip was missing.
  3. To fix the door moulding, it is easier to remove all the clips from the door and fix it at the door moulding first.
  4. Then secure the locking clip at the door and push the rest of the clips back to it position.

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