eBay #03

Mileage: 2060KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy but needs a sharp eyes and steady hands

eBay No: 03
Ordered: April 04, 2009
Parcel Source: UK
Delivered: April 15, 2009
Cost: 8.99 Pound Sterling

I was very anxious waiting for this part and so excited when the parcel reached my home. This is the last part needed (minus the steering cover logo) to complete the total emblem makeover to Pug206 from Bestari.

The front view of the parcel

The back view of the parcel, notice the custom declaration sticker (UK and Malaysia (stamped))

This is the part, “Peugeot” emblem to replace Bestari version

The sad part is because of the low quality of workmanship in Naza assembly plant. I lost the original Bestari emblem version second day after I took the delivery. This will make thing harder since I do not know exactly where is the actual placement of the emblem.

The only emblem that I can rely on to have the level adjustment was the “206” emblem but it was on the right hand side. In fact, I’ve spent almost 30 minutes to get it right.

After 28 minutes, I gave up. What the heck, just paste it and make it a bit unique. So, using a tape as a guide and cardboard cutting just to get the level adjustment (calculation on the cardboard was based on “206” emblem). Slammed and press each of the letters.
Below are the images of the rear view of my “Stendet Badak” 206. Spot any difference…

The rear view of my “Stendet Badak”, the emblems look like misplaced, actually you hardly notice the difference, it might be my standing and sun light angle

From another angle

The difference is… both “Peugeot” and “206” emblems are slanted upward a bit on both outer sides. So, anybody who find Quartz Blue 206, bearing “WPA” registration plate and with both emblems slanted upward on the road… just give a honk.

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