First Inspection @ 2.5K

Mileage: 2456KM

Exactly at 9:15AM, my car reached 2,456KM. Since, I’m on my way to Pandan Indah and I do not like to visit Service Centre on Saturday so I decided to pay KL Volcare, Ampang a visit. Although Glenmarie insists on 10K inspection but majority of other service centres and my sales agent informed otherwise. Thus, majority won.

Snapped at KL Volcare after parked the car

I was greeted by service advisor Mr. Mohan. Informed him that I wanted to do first inspection. Then he asked wheather I would like to complaint on anything. Emm…. nothing I guess, he was a bit surprised when I said that.

Me: “Ok.. ok… can you do gearbox adaptive program?”
Mohan: “Do what???”
Me: “Err…, update the gearbox program settings”
Mohan: “Ok, no problem… you second gear is high right? Above 3K in RPM?”

Well… a known issue for Bestari I guess.

Actually, the jargon gearbox adaptive program was not from me actually, it was from my outside workshop mechanic who test drove my car and insisted me to do adaptive program when going for first service.

My car doing a diagnostic check and came out with no faults (thank God). Using Peugeot Planet System (PPS), not sure if the diagnostic software was online to Peugeot network but I saw the Wi-Fi icon at the notebook blinking (either transmitting the data or searching for access point hahahah)

Anyway, here is the list of thing done to my car…

  1. Checked all the electronic systems, ECU, BSI, Airbag, ABS etc.
  2. Changed the service interval reminder to 10K instead of 20K.
  3. Top up half of liter of engine oil. I will change the engine oil on 10K service later.
  4. Checked battery condition.
  5. Reset gearbox adaptive program.

Forgot to jot down the VIN code. Saw it from the diagnostic software, started from VF3K…. Useful if wanted to buy parts from other sources.

10K service interval reminder

The free gift 😛

Conclusion… after retuned the gearbox, I found out with driving sedately. The gear change is around 2.5K to 3K RPM which is good. Unless, you press the accelerator down to metal, then it will shoot up to near 5K before up shifting.

There is a drawback. As I said before, when driving sedately the gearbox reluctantly to downshift to first gear unless I’m driving below 20KM/H or press the accelerator down to force kick down. So… it is a slight problem when driving in a traffic jam, housing estate road with a lot of road humps or when exiting a junction without fully stop as the gear stuck at second ratio which has no instant pick up.

Update @ 8:10PM: When I was driving home from office, I noticed that the first gear behaves normally. Maybe the ECU or TCU was in learning mode when I drove off from service centre. They somehow might reset the settings / memory.


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