"The Fog"…

Mileage: 1340KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

The Fog, anyone seen this movie? I missed the screening, attached with other commitments for the whole month thus miss the showtime. 🙁

Today I’ve done something about it, not the movie but the front fog lights. It is not because I have problem with it but the color emitted from the fog lights beam is not to my liking. I rarely (Haji Bakhil cakap… “kadang-kadang”) use fog lights and when I flick the switch I wanted something different and to be remembered instead of helping the main headlights with wider front light coverage. Another point, just to match with my other car. I use my fog lights mainly…

  • when traveling in heavy downpour
  • fog (rarely encounter this scenario as we’re not in cold climate)
  • total blackness (sort of) as when traveling along PLUS highways at night
  • “outta my way!!!” (right lane, above speed limit, fast & furious and cilok rempit style)

I went to one of my workshop and got hold of below item. Luckily, it was the only one unit left for H1 12V/55W bulbs. If anyone interested to change, please get the same specs and do not use more than 55W as either the bulb will blow or your fog light melt.

Cost to my wallet… RM55.00Could not find a dark place to show the yellow projection beam

Sorry guys, no DIY guide to change the bulbs as it was straight forward and included in our car manual.


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