Missing Clip; Missing Holes

Mileage: 2602KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Last two weeks, I just noticed that I lost one of the clip which secured the hood air intake. That part is only secured by one clip. It does not gonna loose anyway because when the hood closed it is secured by the rubber seal inside the engine bay. But if you open up the hood, that’s the problem because it rattles.

Managed to get the replacement clips from eBay. The ordered clips are slightly different. Looks like they use a new clip for the new 206 nowadays. The one that I bought was for previous batch, but it will work as long as the pin diameter is correct.

eBay No: 05
Ordered: April 10, 2009
Parcel Source: UK
Delivered: April 22, 2009
Cost: 6.44 Pound Sterling

The replacement clips

The lost clip (red circle)

Today, I need to replace the lost clip and also to drill additional holes. As you can see, the part is only secured by two clips. I will show later where are the additional two clips will be.

Before we started, we need to have these items…

  • As usual, any flat tool. Medium size flat blade screwdriver will do
  • Electric hand drill, cordless type is preferred
  • Minimum 8mm wood drill bit (10mm preferred)

Dismantle the hood air intake by pulling out the clip(s) middle button. Unclip washer jet hose. Finally remove it from the hood.

The are four holes to secure the hood air intake but only two were used which are on top left and bottom right

Drill additional holes; There are marks for hole reference

Task done

The left clip is the original, the one on the right is the replacement clip

To fix back, just reverse the order of dismantling. Just remember that now we have additional two holes to fix the clips.

This is how it looks when done.


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