Reached 1K

Mileage: 1001KM

Today, after 10 days, my car reached 1K. Snapped the meter cluster on my way to Seksyen 18, Shah Alam around 9AM. Horayyyy…. (err… where’s the champagne? Nevermind, kedai mamak will do). As you can see, the spanner indicator is lit. It has been 1K overdue. Since I got the car, I never reset the service interval reminder. Maleh…. Let the SC do it.

Luckily I bring along my digital camera.

Here is my 206 “Stendet Badak”. Sorry for late entry, should post it earlier than my DIY postings. Like I said, I just found my digital camera, been shelved for almost 18 months.


Then...My Stendet Badak, 1K on odometer and 1 week since last bath. Snapped somewhere near Ole-Ole Shah Alam.
Then...Another shot, near 7-Eleven Seksyen 20, Shah Alam. On my way back to office. Sorry for the quality, snapped using handphone.


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