Arghhhh Gaps…

Mileage: 3072KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Average

Actually, it does not matter much to me when I noticed about it but after comparing with other 206 Bestari, seems that my front grill have huge gaps on both side of it. Duh… what a %^&* about the CKD quality.

The gap on passenger side (LH)

The gap on driver side (RH)

Time to get my hand dirty again to fix those nasty gaps. Many of you might wondering why I need to fix it myself, just drive to SC and claim it under warranty. Well… the reasons are:

  1. It only take roughly 20 minutes to solve it.
  2. You can learn a lot when dismantling the front grill.
  3. If you drive to SC, they will prepare the necessary documents (30 minutes) minus the waiting time (varies), then will refer to mechanics for early assessment (10 minutes), then to spare part department for the parts (20 minutes), then the job will commence (30 minutes).
  4. If SC does not have the spare part, then you have to wait until God knows when for it and everything refer back to Gurun.

Now, we need to prepare the tools for this DIY. You need…

  1. Torx T30 driver.
  2. Torx T25 driver (optional, only use it if you wanted to do sub DIY in this posting).
  3. Adhesive (super glues preferred, to fix those “oppsss, I break it again” thingy).
  4. A very small and delicate hands (optional 🙂 ).

The top part of the front grill.

We need to remove the top part of the front grill. Remove it by pulling out the centre pins of all the plugs (red circles).

The clips that hold the bottom part of the top grill.

Then, we need to release six clips that secure the bottom parts (three on each side). It is a bit hard thou… but it’s doable.

If you have the tool no. 4 (please refer above), then it will be easier. You can release the clips through the rear section of the grill or in the gap between the grill and the bumper.

After all the clips are free, then you need a bit twist and turn to pull out the top part of the grill. The boot lock is giving a problem.

Using T30 driver, undo both screws (red circle).

The third screw is hidden behind the front emblem.

The lower part of the front grill is secured by three screws, two clips that are attached to the bottom of the both headlamps and four clips that secured the both side to the front fenders (two on each side).

Two of the four clips which are responsible for the gaps on my car, replaced all of them.

The clips cost me RM2.00 per piece and I sourced it from Glenmarie BB.

Sub DIY, to remove the front emblem, use T25 driver (angle driver preferred) and remove the screw, no need to remove the lower part of the grill thou, it is on top of the third screw.

Note: Make sure you have the plastic cover on top of passenger side (LH) headlamp. This is the part that prevent water from entering your air filter hose which is situated underneath it.

When finished replacing all the clips, the fixing steps are by reversing the above orders.

The driver side (RH).

The passenger side (LH).


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