My Car was Stoned

Mileage: 5172KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

“Pada 22/5/2009, jam lebih kurang 3:30 petang. Saya memandu kereta bernombor WPA XXXX jenis Peugeot 206 aka Naza 206 Bestari dari Parit Sulong ke Pagoh melalui Jalan Dusun Damai. Tiba-tiba seketul batu telah melayang lalu mengenai cermin hadapan kereta saya.

Kereta saya bernombor WPA XXXX mengalami kerosakan seperti cermin hadapan dan lain-lain kerosakan yang belum tahu lagi.”

Windshield picture taken by “Sarjan Bertugas”

Lets cut the craps. Actually, no police report lodged and the “Sarjan Bertugas” is a fictional character 🙂

Anyway, the event, time and location were real and the pictures taken in this post were snapped today when I’m ready to do the DIY. First time I accessed the damage was 2KM away from the accident scene since there was no place to stop the car (the roadside was to deep to pull over).

The car was hit by a stone at about golf ball size and since there is no crack or chip on the windshield, I just drove on but the unease feeling made me decide to have a brief stop and check the damage. The stone was flown from a lorry, I managed to see the stone coming before hitting the car but it was damn fast so I can’t swerve it.

I’m considering myself lucky because…

  • The stone hit exactly on the plastic moulding.
  • If the stone is a bit to the left, I will have a crack windshield.
  • If it hit to the right, I will have dented pillar.

Then, I just continued my journey to Kuala Lumpur. During my journey, I made a phone call to BB Glenmarie thru Peugeot Careline. Asked the sparepart department for the replacement plastic moulding and surprisingly they have the stock. (Just as I mentioned before, if you wanted to buy something from them, sure they have the stock. If for warranty claims…. you know what I mean).

Today, I went to BB and reached around 9:20AM. Lots of customer today, as usual, it is Saturday. Asked for the parts and they quoted me RM140.00 for the right hand side. Take note, the price for the left hand side is cheaper by RM10.00. Don’t ask me why? I’m still puzzling, although both part are equally same, maybe they restock it on different day. I just bought the part and I’m not sure how much they will charge for the labour if you ever wanted to have it fix by them.

Below is the rest of the pictures…

Close up picture of the damage, the red circle is the scratch on the windshield. It is not a crack


Another close up from the side

To remove the roof plastic moulding, I need to unscrew the only screw that secure the plastic moulding to the roof. Another note, some of 206 Bestari will have push on clips, mine are screws.

The location of the screw


View without the roof plastic moulding


Make sure you do not loose the plastic cap on the rear roof (red circle)


View after the job done

If you look closely, you can see the scratch on the windshield from the picture above.

Somebody did mentioned to me (in my chat box) on how dirty and rough were my roof mouldings early this month and he even told me on how to clean it. I just replied that I was lazy enough to do it. Considering the efforts from him, I should praise and thank him for the notice hehehe. Gee…, If I’m following his advise, I might not have this accident. Anyway, the damage done. Instead of cost me less than RM10. Now I’m RM300 poorer (I bought both right and left hand side because of the heavy discoloration on one of the part (if not, instead of Alex, my car will be Martin, one stripe black the other faded to white)). Arghhh…., to whom it may concern, we should have TT someday. Page me.


  • Alex and Martin are the characters from Madagascar animation film.
  • Please forgive me if I’m taking someone else stock and SC tell him / her that there is no more stock if he / she claim for the warranty or the parts were meant for one of the warranty issues.


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