New Rubber Donuts

Mileage: 4202KM

Last Friday, I received a call from Blue Box Glenmarie. The SA informed me that one of my five warranty claims has approved which is the wobbly and harden tires. The sad news was… I’ve to come on Sunday at 10AM to replace all the donuts. I even called them twice to make sure weather it is Saturday or Sunday.

“No Sir, the appointment is at 10 on Sunday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday. The day after that Sir.”

“You mean, this coming Sunday?”

“Yes, are you ok?”….

Gee… too many tire claims made them open on Sunday just to entertain the demands.

Below is one of the donuts fitted on my car, guess the date of manufactured…

It was made on sixth week of 2007


The size of the original donuts (Goodyear NCT5)

Reached BB 5 minutes after 10AM. Met the SA and I was informed that the job will be completed in one and the half hour and they have to drive the car to another workshop around 1KM away.

There are also other 206 owners having the same agenda as mine today. I think around 10 owners showed up.

Well, 1 hour plus free time. Nothing much to see or do here (waiting lounge). Even the internet broadband connection was off. Junior busy with his PSP playing Ben10, wifey reading some newspapers and sometimes laid her eyes on the LCD TV, watching the TV programs.

Myself… be a bad kiddo… I’ve lots of free time to caress the 308 Turbo (NZLine Edition) and 407 (pre-facelift version). Spent a whole hour, in and out without anyone disturbing the mood. Hahahah

“Sir, you car is ready…” Cehhh, potong stim betul laa SA nie.

Manufactured on tenth week of 2009The new size on Falken ZIEX ZE912

Well, my verdict. I felt the car has less acceleration compared with the old set. It may be psychological effect, but I’ve a silence ride now, not totally but better than the old donuts.

Thus, I’ve to postpone my rims upgrade project for at least two years. Anyway need to shift tender loving car budget to another ride.

3 thoughts on “New Rubber Donuts”

  1. was this change free? i just check mine and mine donuts were mfg on 0707. and they doo have lousy grip. i almost had an accident on them.
    how did u lodge the complain?

  2. I made an official report to Glenmarie and subsequently called Peugeot Care Line (I think after two weeks) asking about the status. U can use your reason when complaining to them.

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