(The Sound) Gone with The Wind

Mileage: 5513KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Finally, I managed to sort out the knocking sound emitted from both of my front doors. The main culprit is this tiny little bugger…

The little bugger called “Door Lock Anchor (DLA)” (not sure the exact name, but DLA kinda appopriate)

I’ve spent almost an hour to do this DIY, I was in my mechanic workshop and try to kill time waiting for Friday prayer. Actually, the main intention was not to solve the sound issue, it was merely to adjust both of my front doors. The doors was not properly align to the car body since it rolled out from the factory. After aligning both doors, the knocking sound magically disappear. It maybe because of the incorrect alignment, the doors somehow vibrates especially when driving over yellow stripes.

I’m sorry caused I did not manage to snap any photos of the misaligned doors. However, if anyone wanted to do this DIY you’ll need…

  • Torx T-30 screw driver
  • Marker pen
  • A very sharp eyes

I need the marker pen to make guides for the DLA (as shown in above photo, notice the small black dot). The reason being because of I could not find any markings on my car.

To loosen and tighten the DLA is an easy task, but to align the door is the most time consuming. You have to repeat the same task all over again to get the door right and also countless time of opening and closing the doors. Another note, we need to use our biological precision tool which is “our eyes” to check the alignments. Bear in mind, the DLA can move up and down, in and out from the pillar. If you moved it too far up or down, there goes your door also.

Below are set of photos that can be used as tips to align the door.

To align the depth of the front door, use the rubber linings or door top edge line as the guide


We can do the same method to adjust the vertical alignment of the front door


Another view of the completed task


  • Pay a careful attention regarding the depth. If the door closes too deep from the rear door, it will introduce wind noise when driving.
  • After aligning the doors, you may feel a slight resistance when pulling the door handle and closing the door need a little bit of force to slam it. It is the trade off in either to have an easy opening and closing doors, or a properly align doors.


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