Top Windscreen Weather Strip

Mileage: 3072KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

I was lucky that Naza Gurun did not “forget” to install my top windscreen weather strip. But I was unlucky because they installed it with an offset to the left thus, I have 1cm gap between the top weather strip and roof plastic moulding on the right. Thanks to them, I have 1cm of windscreen glass exposed.

And thank God there is no leak from the windscreen (touch wood, I need jati wood now, much stronger). Okay, need to fix it. No need tool for this task. Just pull it out from the edge of the windscreen all the way until it break away.

The top weather strip, pulled half way.

When I was reading a few articles about cars, I always stumble upon writing said that Audi cars was built by millimeters. Guess what, our Pug also been built by millimeters. The weather strip was just nicely measured, leaving no extra on both side. It only gives you at most 2mm on both side to be clamped by the roof plastic mouldings.

The 2mm left after adjustment, notice the water and dust marks, that was the original offset, 1cm underneath the roof plastic moulding.

Note: I’m not responsible for any top windscreen weather strip loses / stolen because of this guide. The weather strip is not glued to your windscreen or car chassis. It was merely clamped by the windscreen gap.

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