A bit out of DIY topic…

I’ve one question. How to transport a 180cm tall and 48kg in weight wardrobe using Peugeot 206?

Two rules…

  1. Ample space for the driver to drive the car.
  2. None of the wardrobe parts or pieces are fix outside of the car, all of the pieces must be in the car for the whole journey.


Today, I went to Ikea to get a new wardrobe for my son. Anyway, after paid the item. I quickly walked to “Home Delivery” counter for delivery arrangement. Sadly, they will only deliver it the next day, I’ll be out of town.

Then, my wife teased me. If you believe in European car that can squeeze everything although the size is micro, this is the time to test it. OK, I took the challenge just to prove the fact.

Below are the images on how we moved our wardrobe.

Full label view


Rear view, after removing bottom passenger seat (which is on right hand side) and rear top shelf (which on the left hand side)


Rear left view, removing of bottom passenger seat is necessary to fulfill the first rule, no need to remove the rear headrests and to have the rear bench folded flat on the car floor. Both front seats act as side padding


Front passenger view. The wardrobe sits nicely on the rear bench although in the picture it looks like resting on the centre console

By doing this, I managed to save RM65.00 of delivery cost. The goods is Ikea brand so the packaging is flat and nicely fit inside the car. I’m not sure of the packaging method if you buy from other furniture stores.

Suddenly, we have a two cockpit car. A bit awkward for the first few minutes as we are separated by the box.

I managed to have a fuel stop at the nearby gas station. There was a group of Perodua sales persons. At first they did not notify us but as I’m about to finish the fill up. They stopped and stared at us, only two things I can think on what was lingering in their mind.

  • My pug was filled up to the brim which is about RM76.00, which is more than the “Myvi”
  • I can stuffed a 5.9 feet wardrobe in the car and able to close all the doors and carrying 2 persons with an ample space to enjoy the new cockpit than the “Myvi”

Why I mentioned “Myvi” twice here…. because they are selling “Myvi SE” at that time. Hahahah

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