1st Service @ 10K

Mileage: 9297KM

Late blog posting… almost forgot about this. Been busy for the whole week.

Anyway, the service was carried out on Saturday, 4th July, 2009. It was divided into two parts (I mean the service visit)…

First visit… I went to Peugeot Authorized Service Centre in Ampang since they are the only SC has Total lubrication.

The service went smooth except on the last part. The engine oil and filter exercise was good and quick but suddenly, I saw one of the mechanic gestures showed something unsatisfactory. The expression led me to investigate to find out the problem. I can’t go to the car since I’m baby sitting my son but from what I heard there was a problem with the engine oil gauge (the one in the instrument meter).

Although they filled up the engine oil, the gauge still showed zero and flashing. After a couple of engine starts and so on… they decided to do some checking on the ECU. 20 minutes later they met me and informed the situation. They can’t get the gauge to work.

They suggesting me to have another visit on Monday to do software download (they need the spare key also for the programming) and further check on the sensor. It might be the software glitch or the sensor is faulty. They also mentioned that I’m not the first case. In meantime, they will reset the ECU…. Oh No!… there goes my gearbox setting.

Paid the bill, damage to the wallet was RM149.00. Grab they keys and start the car. Surprisingly, the gauge works! It showed the engine oil level correctly. Emmm… strange.

Second visit…. On Monday, I drove back to the SC. Informed them that the gauge is working fine. Since it works, no need for them to download the software but I ask them to reprogram the gearbox cause I’ve been driving with a tall 2nd gear for the past two days… Cannot tahan maaa…

Took 10 minutes to calibrate and off to my office after that.

My verdict after 1st service…. No performance gain, same as before. The only gains (car performance) was after the gearbox reset, that was… only for two days…. After that, back to square one.