Accident Free… Naaaah!!!

Mileage: 15,315KM
Do It Yourself: Nope
Difficulty: N/A

“Accident Free”, we always heard this term when dealing with used car. Actually, the full terms on the paper would be “Low Mileage, Service By Authorized Service Centre, Accident Free, Original Paint, Lady Owner etc.”. I always encountered these words in all used car dealers, seem they have the same template for the windscreen notice.

Well, my car won’t have the “Accident Free” term anymore. The term only lasted for about 7 months before been ripped off by a 2 and the half feet parking pole. Duhhhh, why the security guard erected the pole after I parked my car. After my brother Raya open house, I just drove off from the lot and the pole hit the pillar area between the front fender and the door. The side sill was pretty bad though.

The damage side. The yellow and red colors are from the pole


View from rearView from front

Top view

The next morning, I sent my car to the workshop. The boss said one week and will cost me three quarter from a thousand. Well, slightly higher than my next year NCD but I trust him more than the insurance workshop panel; and minus all the documentations and the leg work to do the claim.

Today, exactly one week. I rang the Boss and asked him about my car. He said it will be ready at noon and “you punya kereta serupa original”. Well, how original it would be?

What do you guys think? If you look closely, you can see my reflected imageA close-up view

View from rear

Top view

Complimentary work given by the Boss, repaint the rear black plastic moulding

The warranty sticker. I’ve been given 8 years warranty for the paint, workmanship and anti-rust. A little short than 15 years warranty for my another car (he also done my other car)

Overall, I’m satisfied with the workmanship. Although there is a slight flaw but it is unnoticeable. The paint color is 99% match. I you look at it on bright light and less than 10 inches, you can see the darker shade of the new paint. Anyway, I won’t bother about it much because sooner or later (maybe another 4 – 5 years), I will respray the car anyway. The new paint warranty is more than Naza warranty hahahaha and the quality of the original paint is… doubtful.

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