Dismantling The Front Door Panel

Mileage: 15,998KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

It is time for me to open up the front door panel on my car. I noticed something missing when assembling the front door panel when my car was sent to do bodywork last month.

Well, we need these tools to do this task….

  • Torx T20 driver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • A piece of cloth

Start off by removing the tweeter cover.

Carefully pull the top and bottom part of the cover. Watch out for the cables

Using Torx T20 driver, unscrew two screws behind the tweeter cover and on the door panel near the middle of the A pillar. Refer to this link for the rest of the process.

There are three screws and one inner handle cover that need to be removed from the panelThis is the missing part

Another missing clip, I’ve total of two missing clips on each of the front door panel

These are the clips, cost me RM0.60 each

The view after the door panel removed

To remove the speaker, use T20 driver. No need to remove the sponge unless you wanted to change the speaker. The speaker is secured by four screws

The speaker mounting view

Speaker label

Inner view of the door, nothing much to shout about

Refitting is the reverse of the removal.

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