20K Service

Mileage: 19,371KM

Since I’ve no morning meeting or appointment today. I’ve decided to do 20K service on my pug.

Short of 400KM to 20K

My last service was done at KL Volcare, Ampang. Today, I would like to try another service centre which is nearer to my office, preferably in Petaling Jaya or Shah Alam area. Apart from BB in Glenmarie, another well known service centre (which also carry Total lubricants (a must for me)) is GeotAuto at Jalan 227, Petaling Jaya (if you can find Jalan 222 then you can find this place).

This service centre is more popular amongst Peugeot old timers. Anyone who like to pay them a visit here is the Long/Lat of the location…

N03 6.001′ E101 37.890′ (Garmin), or for MalFreeMaps users with custom POI, just key in “GEOT” keyword in the POI search menu.

GeotAuto main entrance

Reached GeotAuto at 10:30AM, not many cars today. Straight away met Mr. Sultan, Service Manager and prepare the work order.

Draining the engine oil
The first part of the bill, notice the mileage written in the bill. Maybe a miss communication at the counter
The second part of the bill

Job finished at 11:30AM.

As a conclusion, I’m satisfied with their workmanship and most importantly attitude. They are very friendly and willing to chat with me during the whole service period. If you need to rest, there is a customer waiting lounge, not so grand compare with BB but sufficient to have a short nap and coffee break, a few places for nicotine break and if you feel curious about the car, you can wander around the service bays and chat with the mechanics. All of them, I believe is more than 30 years old and quite competent in Peugeot cars.

2 thoughts on “20K Service”

  1. Yes, I also had my pug service here one month ago…. service is good and the service advisor is a Malaysian, and they know technical details quite well…. While servicing they do allow us to be at their service bay…..
    Will go to this place for my 20K svcs soon.

  2. The “Miscommunication” is probably because they read out the mileage from the onboard computer directly rather than from the mileage counter in the dash.

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