Bumper Scars…

Mileage: 22,815KM

Last weekend, parked my car after done weekly grocerry shopping. Then I noticed something which is not look so good to my eyes. How did the scars end up there, at my front bumper?

The whole night I’ve been thinking about it, I did not bump to anyone nor hit any pillars (not again!) or curbs. I did not even feel any knocking vibrations through out the whole journey…

The scars (pic without flash)The scars (pic with flash)

The scratch is quite deep. The impact chipped off the paint and also the bumper fibre. Luckly it did not crack.

Suddenly, wifey broke the silence. She said a rider bumped the car when she was on the way home from office. The impact even ripped off the black plastic moulding but she clipped it back to the bumper after the accident.

And not so funny part is…. the accident happened two days earlier. Tisk.. tisk… tisk…

I think I won’t repair the scratch as it is not so obvious. The bumper material is made from a white colored fibre and my pug is quartz blue. The scratch is not so apparent. I will leave it until I’m ready to paint the whole bumper.

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