Rubber Blade

Mileage: 24,612KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

My rear wiper rubber blade gave away early this week. It was tore at both edges. Instead of buying a replacement unit, I decided to do DIY using wiper blade refill.

Sorry for the out of focus picture


Another view of the ill fated rubber blade

I went to Eneos 1U and got myself the blade refill. The length of the rear wiper is 14 inch and make sure the width is not less than 6.5mm, best if you can get 7.5mm.

The refill, claimed to be made from silicone rubber

To remove the old rubber, just pull at either one of the edge and slide out the whole rubber lining.

Slide out the rubber….The parts, from the top…. the wiper frame, the original metal brackets, the original rubber and the refill unit

I’m using back the original metal bracket. After swapped the bracket, I just cut out the extra 2 inch from the refill unit. If using the original metal bracket, then it will be easy to estimate the length. Did I mentioned the refill is 16inch in length?

Chop off the extraDone… waiting to fix back at the car

Viola… it’s done. Took me about less than 30 minutes to assemble it and cost me RM12.80.

3 thoughts on “Rubber Blade”

  1. do the blade refill are also available for front wiper?could you pls advice the spec for that(both RHS and LHS)?thanks bro

  2. For front wiper I suggest buy a new one. The time taken and the availability of the wiper makes the DIY not worthwhile. The size is 22 inch for both.

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