Wet Light

Mileage: 23,200KM

Months ago, I’ve posted a blog about “Wet Tail“. Today, I have the same issue again with the other one. Last time it was the right side.
Anyway, the DIY steps are same as previous entry.

You can see the water line inside the light, look at the bottom right corner

Another view of the light


  • I use the same steps as previous DIY. Using silicone adhesive sealant.
  • After a close inspection, I could not figure out how the water got into the light. Seems this case a bit different. The water might got into the light through the waterproof padding, coz it was damp.


8 thoughts on “Wet Light”

  1. Aku tap dari cigarette power not light (protected with 10AMP fuse). Other than that option, u bole tap dari ignition power from radio harness (tapi kena potong sambung wire radio laaa) atau buat jumper cable dari amp 12v input (not recommended).

  2. Yang ini utk convert speaker output ke line level (RCA). I tak use this part coz my amp boleh convert speaker output directly.

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