Beep… Beep….

Mileage: 30,480KM
Do It Yourself: Yes (Access to Peugeot Planet 2000 required)
Difficulty: Average to Hard

Just got a hold on Peugeot Security System for my Pug.

The package (image courtesy of ebay UK)

Because of an agreement made between me and the seller, I can’t reveal the price in this blog…. sorry guys; but I can give you the information of the seller so anybody wanted to have this system can contact the seller directly (maybe some of you guys might already know where I got this unit).

Anyway, here are the images. Sorry no details DIY steps as I’m on a bit rush to get this job done. The instruction manual supplied was clear enough to have this system up and activated. It is plug-activate-play system.

RTFM… I read the manual thrice to understand on how to install it

In short, Bestari already has the wiring installed from the factory but missing a few connections namely the front hood sensor and BSI wiring. My car already equipped with LED so I can omit the supplied LED. I did a mistake whereby I laid rear boot wiring all the way to rear of the car from the dash and found it is not working. The problem solved by using the pre-installed factory wiring (you can find this connector underneath the boot floor trim near the boot lock anchor).

Front hood switch sensor
Another view

Sorry for blurred images. It was very hard to get a good angle. Anyway, it is a black color switch between the two springs.

The original bracket supplied by the anti-theft kitThe siren
Backup battery is built in the siren housing. Requires 8 hours to fully charge and can supply 1 hour of blast
The alarm control box

Situated just above BSI unit under the dash. The blue connector is from the BSI and sensors and the brown connector is for ultrasonic sensors.


Ultrasonic sensors, on both A pillars

I’m trying to source out another Peugeot part to conceal the sensors. Hopefully I can find it else I have to search it high and low at half cut shops.


Boot lock anchor replacement part, equipped with switch sensor.

I’ve spent almost four hours to have the system installed. A 15KM journey to my favorite workshop to have the BSI recognize and activate the alarm. It’s only a 10 minutes task and FOC (my workshop is not an authorized Peugeot Service Center but he have Peugeot Planet 2000 and much more expert than the service dealer). The system works flawlessly and ….

Peugeot approval stamp

In conclusion, apart from the normal automatic central locking function, these are the additional features provided by the alarm system….

  • A short beep if the system detected any open compartments when activating the alarm
  • Alarm will trigger if any open compartment detected (as any other alarm does)
  • Alarm will trigger if any movement detected inside the cabin
  • The MFD will not only show “Open Doors”, now it have additional warnings “Front Bonnet Open” and “Boot Lid Open”
  • The LED has additional blinking mode called rapid blinking to inform alarm has been triggered without owner presence
  • The key fob now act as reset mode if the alarm goes off (case of flat key fob battery), just insert to ignition barrel and switch to ON to reset

That’s all, the drawbacks. No beeps when activating or deactivating the alarm, typical continental car and no PANIC button / mode.

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  1. Very interesting.

    Where can I get this alarm?

    Also, could you post some more pics of the installation when you get some time?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. I try to post more picture but it requires me to open up a few compartments. Will do when I’m at that area…

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