Warranty Claims Marathon

Mileage: 35,802KM

Today, I went to three service centres to make claims. Three is enough to call it “Marathon”. Spent almost a full working hours to get everything back to order.

At 10AM, reached Geot Auto to claim for the most famous bearings failure on 206. Before that, I made a call in the morning to ask them about the stock and to report a new problem discovered last night.

My bearings started to emit the pulsating sound since 31K KM in the odometer. Just imagine, drove another 5K KM, with the turbo spinning sound but without the “kepishhhh”

“Sir, we have stock for the bearings but not the fuel pump”

When I’m there, made another query about it. Still have the same reply in fact they have two customers in the waiting list.

“Do you think Blue Box has it?” I asked the SA. “I’m not sure, you have to go there and make a new claim” He replied.

My new bearings, top and bottom (covered with black plastic). Photo captured at home

45 minutes later, I drove off from Geot and heading to Blue Box. When I reached there, I was hampered with the news….

“Sorry, you have to go to our Batu Tiga branch. We’re no longer service and do any warranty claims for Bestari”

Supplied with a photocopy of Google Map, given by the SA. The hunt for the Batu Tiga SC begins.

When I’m there, there are a lot of Bestari, a few Sutera and Forza. Hmmm, this gonna take a while or maybe they can’t fix it by today.

Met the SA. A nice lady. Explained to her the purpose I’m coming here but sadly….

SA:”Encik kena buat appointment dulu ye”

ME:”Ohhh ok, bila next available slot? Nak check pun kena buat appointment dulu ker?”

SA:”Next slot hari Jumaat atau Isnin next week, bole ke?”

ME:”Hari Isnin baru nak check? Emmm macam nie laa. Saya call hari Isnin utk confirm stock fuel pump, kalau ada baru saya datang. OK?”

SA:”Confirm kaa fuel pump?”

ME:”Confirmed, Geot dah check tapi diaorang takder stock. Lagipun dalam keta dah bau petrol. Anak saya nie alah habuk, so kena pakai air-cond tapi kalau dah bau petrol dalam keta camner nak pakai air-cond. Nanti apa jadi kat anak saya tak pasal-pasal saya kena dakwa”

I do not know how I can came out with this lame excuse but it worked, plus a couple of eye winks hahaha.

SA:”Camnie laaa encik, saya check dengan store dulu kalau ada saya buka job sheet, tapi mungkin ambil masa sikit. Bole ke?”

ME:”Ok, saya boleh tunggu sampai tutup kedai”

The Service Invoice
The new fuel pump and new oil ring (not visible) but saw it in the part replacement sheet

Arrived at SC around 11AM. The job started around 2PM because waiting for the part to arrive from their warehouse. Plus with some miss communication, I collected the car at 5PM. Supposedly, I can pick it up around 3:30PM. 2 hours wasted.

Alas, there are few PC to surf with, wifi available, Nestle machine for the free flow, Astro (tv leper lagi) to watch… and sofas to doze off so it kinda cool down my nerves.

This SC is wonderful, only the supplied engine oil (Petro…) and restricted access to working bays area would make me think twice to have my schedule service here.

Tomorrow, I will pay a visit to Blue Box Sparepart Department. During the early troubleshooting of the fuel pump leakage, I accidentally broke off one of the fuel pump under seat cover’s latch. The cost is RM30 for the part.