Out of Juice

Mileage: 36,630KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Today, my car battery was out of juice. I’ve been using the original battery for almost 16 months. It started yesterday with a single chime and unsuccessfully fire up the engine when switched on the ignition. Today it was totally flat…

The original battery.

Notice the date on self made sticker. My car registered in March 2009. The battery has been in the engine 3 months earlier.

The replacement battery.


The replacement battery is GP-Atlas. A Din 44 maintenance free battery for the cost of RM330. The price tag is in DIN 66 range. The price that I have to pay for a rare battery size in Malaysian automotive scene.

I was not too picky on the brand, anyway, I have another Din 66 GP-Atlas in my other ride. Still good till today, almost 2 years now. Rule of thumb when finding a car battery for me is to buy it from the nearest workshop from my home as it will be easier for me to claim the 12 months warranty (except if I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere).

The workshop owner did asked me what car it is for as he never order this type of battery before. Luckily he managed to source out for me. If anybody wanted a cheaper alternative, a Din 55 is a suitable source which is cheaper but you cannot use the original battery cover thou.

Other Din 44 battery brands that are available in Malaysia are Century and Delkor (happy hunting). Imported brands are Bosch and Varta. Expect to pay a hefty price for the latter (found one in Eneos 1U, a Din 44 Bosch battery is at RM460).

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  1. I’m using a DIN88 GP-Atlas MF battery for a 1999 Mercedes E200. Its been there since July 2009, and that’s almost 5 years ago. The present price is around RM480. DIN66 could also be used for this car and it’s RM100 cheaper. And 7 kg lighter too. I’ll be buying a GP-Atlas again when the time comes. The Koreans know how to make great batteries.

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