50K Service

Mileage: 49,318KM

As usual, GeotAuto was the service centre for this 50K maintenance interval. Nothing much has been done to my car from the last service to be shared here the experience (no DIY for the past couple of months).

It was done one day before this year Chinese New Year. I reached the service centre at around 8:30AM. I was there a day before but the queue was long, I’ve to leave it for almost 4 hours if I want to do it that day.

Mileage registered; short of 600KM


Since I’m early today, so I decided to give them some extra work (money also 🙁 ahahaha) and my car is almost 2 years old. Changing radiator coolant would be a good idea. Furthermore, there is a squealing noise emitted from the front right hand side wheel, more likely from the brake system. Another one for them to rectify.

The front disc rotor

After a 5 minutes of brainstorming with the mechanic, we unanimously agreed to skim the brake pad (the edges not the surface ;)) as brake disc / rotor is not recommended. The latter part is advisable to be replaced only.

Bleeding time

This was the longest time to wait. Roughly 45 minutes wasted on time and petrol.

The bill

The damage for the wallet and a token of appreciation from the oil company. Looks like a smartphone but actually a slide up calculator with clock function.

The coolant part is a bit confusing. Just noticed it after I reached my office. It was written as “Coolant Liquid/1 Liter” and the total cost was RM20. But they poured in a 5 liter pre-mixed coolant. Strange, or is it the actual price for the coolant?

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