Last Badge

Mileage: 52,179KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy but time consuming

Since I’ve finished the last project earlier than expected. I started to do my final debadging of Naza. The only piece left now is the steering logo. I’ve bought the replacement logo long time ago and around RM15. Actually it is an engine logo as most of us know.

I’ve always postponed this project coz I know it will take a while to do it and requires a lot of concentration in able to have a satisfying final result.

First of all, I need to remove the old Naza logo. I’m using a screwdriver to do this. Just push the screwdriver between the logo and the steering cover and pull using my fingers. Need to do it with force to break the two plastic rivets underneath it.

Using pliers to remove both plastic rivets

Next come the longest operation. To file the bottom part of the new logo. Since it is not the actual logo (engine logo), I need to remove some part of the plastic thus the logo will be easily fit into the existing mold.

Jobs done, using file tool and sand paper

Finally, the fixing time. I’m not using superglue coz it has property that will make it brittle later on. Moreover, it has a fast drying period ~15 seconds which prevent me to do minor adjustment after fixing the logo to the steering cover.

Hence, I’m using an epoxy glue, which has rubberized property that can withstand vibration and minor movements, and 5 minutes drying period which gives me an ample time to fix.

At last, no more Naza logo. I’ve an injured lion (scratch mark), an accident happened during the installation. Still does not like the original logo, it still protrude a bit from the mold

That is all, good luck to anyone who wanted to do it (although I’m a bit late doing this, others had done it moons ago).

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