Disc & Pad

Mileage: 56,796KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

After almost 60K KM registered, my front brake disc begin to show a sign of giving up. Squealing noise almost noticeable when starting to move the car from a stand still or when slowing down. Seems the brake pads surface is no longer bedding perfectly with the disc.

With the help from my buddy (Intermilan), I managed to source out the part needed. I did not 100% opt for originality for this repair. The brake disc is made by Brembo (O.E replacement part) and the brake pad is Peugeot genuine part.
The total cost for all of the above…
  • RM220 – Brembo brake disc
  • RM220 – Peugeot brake pad
  • RM10 – Workshop renting cost

Since I did not have heavy tools necessary for this job, I’ve to resort to use my mechanic’s workshop. RM10 is for the 2 hours workshop space and a few other consumable parts used.

Here are the part pictures…


The brake pads
The brake disc
The part number, the number is for Citroen ZX 1.6 to 1.9 series but the dimension is same as our Lion

Now the processes.

Tools needed for this task…

    • T30 and T55 torx
    • No. 13 spanner
    • Steel hammer
    • Suitable car hydraulic jack
    • Steel wire brush
    • Thread locker fluid


From the picture above, use no. 13 spanner to undo the the bottom screw which secure the piston. Swing the piston upwards.

Pictures above showed how thin the pads and the depth of the groove
Use T30 torx to undo two screws that hold the disc to the wheel hub (shown above). Next, use T55 torx to undo two screws that secure the brake caliper to the hub.

Use steel hammer to loosen up the rust build up if the disc does not budge from the hub.

Use steel wire brush to remove rust residue on the hub.

The new and old brake discs

The two dots on the surface of the new disc is the thickness indicator. Brembo called it “Easy Check”. If both dots missing, time to change the disc. Before mounting the disc to the hub, the disc need to be cleaned with petrol or any other suitable cleaning agent to remove anti-rust grease.

The thread locker fluid courtesy from the workshop. This is use to tighten and lock the screws
The minimum thickness measurement stamp
Job done, just reverse the order for refitting. Sigh… another 200KM of slow and smooth driving for the pads and discs bedding process.


  • The brake pads come with 2 sets of different part. Part that ends with 299 is for the right side of the disc surface if you looking it from the front of the car. So, it will be the outer surface for left wheel brake disc and inner surface for the right wheel brake disc.



2 thoughts on “Disc & Pad”

  1. Do you know how much will the workshop charge for this? And is it necessary to use original parts? Thanks a lot. Your website is very informative.

    1. I’m not sure on how much garage will charge. Maybe around 100. For parts, it is up to the owner. Alternative parts do come with an attractive price. For me, original parts is the benchmark and if I can find OE part which will perform the same or better, I will stick with it.

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