70K Service

Mileage: 69,401KM

Well, 70K service reached in this month. Done at GeotAuto. Nothing much to do this time. Only a normal engine service.

Arrived at service centre around 8:45AM on a beautiful Saturday morning and sadly, I’m on number six in the queue.

Just another 599KM to 70K

Job completed after 2 hours later including a car wash service. Items changed are as follows…
    • Engine oil
    • Oil filter


The bill

I did logged a complain about my abnormal gearbox downshift pattern especially on first gear. On approaching a traffic light or stopping event, the gearbox hesitate to downshift and stuck in free gear although the indicator is at “D”, it will engage with a sharp jerk at around 1.5K – 2K on RPM after stopping. Moreover, the car felt so heavy. They did the diagnose using Peugeot Planet diagnostic software and ran a test drive but could not find the culprit (no error recorded in the TCU), so case closed.

Feeling dissatisfy with the outcome, I rang my trusty mechanic and told him about the issue. He asked me to drop by today and he will look into the matter. You all wanna know what is happening to my gearbox? Stay tune… I will update it later coz at the moment, my lion is in monitoring state. It requires another follow up visit.

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