Fell Off or Stolen?

Mileage: 69,296KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

I could not believe what has happened to my lion. In the morning, it was there. Reached home and it was gone. Either it fell off from the bumper (it was a heavy downpour during that day) or somebody stole it (I’m more incline towards the latter).

Well, here it is, the front bumper without the boot…
The awesome smiley front bumper

I called BlueBox sparepart department to inquire the part availability and lucky me, they have it in the warehouse and I can collect it tomorrow. The damage done to the wallet was quite hefty considering I’m just buying a painted plastic molding. Did they increased the price lately?

The bill, RM285.90
The part number for reference

Now the steps. Actually, the fixing is a straight forward kind of job. It was secured by clips on the bumper, nothing else. Since, it was missing previously. I think, it may happen again in the future. Thus, I will make some modification to secure it.
Tools needed for this task…

  • T30 torx
  • No. 10 spanner or box wrench
  • Cordless drill with steel / wood bit
  • Couple of cable ties
The cordless drill and cable ties

We need to dismantle both headlights, front upper and bottom grill (which houses the Peugeot logo). This is not necessarily needed unless you wanted to secure it. Normal fixing is just snap on the boot towards the bumper.

Dismantling process done
4 holes needed to secure the boot
Secured the boot with cable ties
Jobs done and took away an hour of my total life for today

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