My Lion Can’t Swim :(

Mileage: 69,576KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

I did mentioned that I’m having a gearbox problem in previous entry. Finally, I managed to cure it albeit I’m not sure the extend of the damage internally but I’m assuming that I’ve done a very best that I’ve could before overhauling it completely.

Let me start with the event chronology before end up with this major repair (not actually a major but the cost might be quite a sum).

Thursday, 1st December…

My lion went thru a distance of 100 meters, ~12 inch depth of water @ around 15 – 25 KM/H speed.

Tuesday, 6th December…

My wifey complained that she experienced a free play on the first gear and the car felt so heavy when moving from a stand still.

Saturday, 10th December…

Sent for 70K service and logged a complaint about the gearbox issue and turned out there was no error registered in TCU. After performing a test drive, they claimed there is nothing wrong with the gearbox.

Felt unsure with the result, I rang my trusty mechanic for a second opinion and he advised me to drop by at his place for a checkup.He did ran the diagnostic check and the result was same as what “Peugeot Service Center” provided. No errors!

After some healthy discussion, we’ve decided to bleed the transmission oil assuming that the gearbox was overfilled. To our surprise, the gearbox was filled with a mixture of water and the color was muddy and milky.

Then, we started to drain it completely and start the process of drain-top up of the transmission oil. Twice flushing process was done with a 25KM travel distance between the process.

Tuesday, 13th December…

Went to the workshop to complete the third and fourth flushing process. That car has been travelling almost to 75KM for the third flushing and 50KM in between it.

If you face similar transmission behaviour like below, most probably you face the same issue like mine. My advise is to try bleed the transmission oil and look for any foreign substance. Do not prolong the issue as the final cure is overhauling the unit which will be in the region of RM4K to RM8K; depends on the severity of the issue. Multiple drain-top up procedure is the cheapest way to cure it.

  • The car will feel so heavy when moving from a stand still.
  • When moving from a stand still, you will feel a free play in the transmission or slip. The first gear will engage with a sharp jerk at around 1.5K – 2K RPM.
  • The transmission hesitate to engage first gear when slowing down to a complete stop.
  • While moving, there will be a slight jerkiness when the transmission up-shifting or downshifting between 1st and 2nd gears.


Ready for a third flushing process, sorry for a bit blurry picture and no pics for the first and second flushing
Close up view of the valve body, opened it up for inspection and cleaning process

View from underneath the engine bay and cleaned valve body cover


The condition of the transmission oil after third flushing, still muddy but much better then previous two

Because of time constrain, I did not dismantle the valve body unit from the transmission. Furthermore, it requires special attention to service this unit.

The overall cost…

  • 5 @ 2 liter Esso AL4 transmission oil – RM95 each = RM475
  • 3 @ 1 liter Total Extra Life transmission oil (same specification with Esso) – RM40 each = RM120
  • Labour charge – RM100
  • Total RM695

Total liter usage was roughly around 12 – 14. Based on above listing, the missing liter was top upped using old oil in my keeping, access from previous gearbox oil changes.

My lion roars again after the fourth and final flushing. Another note, after some advice given by others. I did not opt for machine flushing because based on other experience, it does more harm than good.