Cold Finger

Mileage: 80,509KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

In my last entry, I did mentioned that my temperature reading is bit off and giving me -10 degree on optimal engine operating temperature.

After some reading and info gathering, I managed to narrow down to two factors (mechanical) that will contribute to this error. Firstly, it may due to worn out needle which cost a lot to repair (if replacing the whole meter cluster) or a bit messy if I need to DIY to fix the needle back to original position. Secondly, it may be an issue with the thermostat which is easier to fix but may cost in between with the first two options. I chose the second option.


The thermostatThe thermostat


Here are the other things needed to do this DIY. Total cost is on the bill minus the wipers.

The billThe bill


The pre-mixed coolant liquidThe pre-mixed coolant liquid


The thermostat housing (the left rubber hose)The thermostat housing (the left rubber hose)


The result was expected, my lion is getting back its own temperature. Now the needle is hovering between 88 – 92 degrees and sometime it moves to 92 depending on the engine stress.


The normal operating temperature is back!The normal operating temperature is back!


* This article is subject to be updated as I see fit as it is part of the 2012, 10 Months Compilation Article. I may unintentionally miss some of the steps because during the period of creating this article, I have to recalled a lot from my memory and it may not serves me well.


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