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Difficulty: Medium

My air conditioning system was out of order on April 30th, 2012. Almost 3 years owning the lion. The system was not working at optimum level couple of months before but it was apparent on April that drove me to have a full system check after countless times the gas being refilled. Early symptom was hissing sound when switched on or off the system. Topping up the gas can only sustained for months before it decreases to weeks. At last, it can only sustained for up to 6 weeks.



For this case, I opted to have it done with professional mechanic as I did not have proper equipment, parts and time needed. Before sending it over, I did a prep on the car to minimize the time taken by the mechanic to dismantle the system and also avoiding parts of being lost or broken during the process.

My Lion ready to be sent out for check up

It took two days for the mechanic to rectify the issue. Total damage was RM1,400 with one year warranty. Below is the details…

  • Cooling coil (Made in Taiwan, O.E)
  • Expansion valve
  • ReGas
  • Labour


The damaged cooling coil, there was a leakage due to age and debris


After couple of days acquired the car, I did realized that there was something a miss. There was a knocking noise emitted whenever I drove it over uneven surface and the sound became louder afterwards. I assumed that the mechanic was not very competent in assembling the dashboard and I strongly believe that there must be something miss aligned or not properly fixed. Sending it over again might introduce a new problem although the mechanic guarantee that he is will rectify it promptly and take a full responsibility of the mishap.

After a heavy thought, I have decided to do it on my own. It took two days for me to dismantle and assemble the dashboard and luckily I managed to pin point the cause.  The blower and heater unit was not properly aligned thus it broke the dashboard centre locking peg.


The dashboard


The broken centre locking peg, using a screw and epoxy glue to fix it back


During the fixing exercise, I have stumbled another issue. One of the aircond and heater control panel bulb kaput. Luckily, I do have spare and the fixing although easy but it took almost an hour just to figure out on how to change the bulb and fixed back the panel to the wiring loom and cables.

The control panel after removing the wiring loom, cables and some mechanical gear levers


The bulb; and the before and after fixing


The rest below are some pictures from the assembling tasks…

* This article is subject to be updated as I see fit as it is part of the 2012, 10 Months Compilation Article. I may unintentionally miss some of the steps because during the period of creating this article, I have to recalled a lot from my memory and it may not serves me well.


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