Third Phase Audio Upgrade

Mileage: 86,774KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Well, after my second phase audio upgrade; I’ve been thinking to enhance it and if possible to tide up  a few loose ends on my audio setup. I still need to find a suitable head unit to match up the interior and able to connect to existing OEM steering audio controller stalk…


After a few visits to audio shop and scouring over the net, I’ve chose Pioneer DEH-9450UB. Bought it online ( and it has a few features that I’ve been looking for…

  • Variable illumination to match up interior lighting
  • Wired steering remote control ready


Pioneer DEH-9450UBPioneer DEH-9450UB


For OEM steering audio control interface, only Connects 2 product is available that works with various aftermarket HU brands. Only a minor cable changes is needed to be able to hook up with other brand of HU thus the main controller interface can be kept for a quite long time (a good investment I would say). Bought from ebay UK.


Connects 2 CTS-PG006; sold by Dynamic Sounds UKConnects 2 CTS-PG006; sold by Dynamic Sounds UK


Lastly, two pairs of Monster Cable RCA to complete the third audio upgrade for this time. I’m having an issue with the current RCA cable, the connection was not good at the amplifier terminal which intermittently mute my right channel. I thought my front speaker component is a goner but luckily, it is just the cable. Bought from


Monster 302XLN SeriesMonster 302XLN Series


Installing of RCA cable is a straight forward job. It was only a time consuming as you need to remove the old ones and lay the new cable nicely along the car trim. For the HU, the Pioneer unit is using a different wiring harness thus requires a simple modification to the ISO harness.


Almost finish with the RCAsAlmost finish with the RCAs


Centre console view with all the messCentre console view with all the mess


HU USB port hidden in the glove box. This port can charge smartphones (1A power)HU USB port hidden in the glove box. This port can charge smartphones (1A power)



Update: The “Source” button on the remote stalk can be used to turn on and off the HU.

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  1. Hi bro. Nak tanya. HU Pioneer yg biasa boleh masuk sedan molek ker dlm lubang?

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